Harry's Bar Venice

Harry's Bar Venice

Sestiere San Marco 1323,
Venice, Italy
Opening Hours: 12 PM to 12 AM
Price: Є (0.00 USD)
Price: 15 Є (16.1 USD)

Opened by Giuseppe Cipriani in 1931, this world-famous bar plonked right in the middle of St Mark’s Square is a Venice must-do. Sipping an early-evening aperitivo of prosecco (sparkling white wine) or sampling a renowned Bellini cocktail (fresh peach juice and prosecco) à la Ernest Hemingway is an essential item on most itineraries–it’s open from noon so if you don‘t fancy drinking, settle back with a strong lunchtime espresso and a plate of pasta. Quite besides the feeling that you’re at the epi-center of everything, there’s the swanky 1930s interior, and an expensive dining room upstairs for special treats. Orson Welles, Nicole Kidman, and Woody Allen have all shipped up here to taste the tender carpaccio of beef and relax into the overstuffed banquettes inside. Service is surprisingly warm and the atmosphere relaxed for such a famous place, but your bar tab will be huge. Still, it’s worth it to see the glamorous flotsam and jetsam of Venetian life flitting by your table.

A cocktail will be 1/4 the price in other Venetian districts like Dorsoduro and Cannaregio.

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