The Museum of Kyoto

The Museum of Kyoto

Sanjo-Takakura, Nakagyo-ku,
Kyoto 604-8183
Opening Hours: Tue to Sun: 10 AM to 7:30 PM
Price: 400 ¥ (3.54 USD) - 500 ¥ (4.42 USD)

This museum is situated in the centre of the city in an impressive 1906 red-brick building that was formerly the Bank of Japan building. Three main sections include an exhibition tracing the history of the city, collections of related art works, and a movie hall showing Kyoto themed films throughout the day.
The city history collections include reproductions, models and sets of photographs from the 19th and 20th Centuries depicting the growth and development of the city, both physically and culturally. Note that the information in English is quite limited, and an audio-guide is recommended.
One of the most entertaining areas is a recreation of a traditional Edo period merchant street in Kyoto. Reproductions of typical shop fronts and living houses from this fascinating period culminate with a tea room and places to buy traditional snacks.
The upper floors contains galleries of historic and modern art from the city. These are generally rotating exhibits from local or foreign artists working in the city.

Take subway to Karasuma-Oike station, museum is five minutes’ walk south-east .

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