Saga Tenryu-ji, Ukyo-ku,
Kyoto, Japan
Opening Hours: 8:30 AM to 5 PM
Price: 300 ¥ (2.65 USD) - 500 ¥ (4.42 USD)

A former Imperial villa that was converted to a temple complex and monastery, Tenryo-Ji is notable for its Sogenchi Garden which was designed by a Zen monk and landscape designer called Muso Soseki. It is known for using the "borrowed scenery" of distant mountains into the garden design. Today, a visit can also incorporate a multicourse lunch overlooking the garden, which is quite a unique experience but requires advance reservations.

Kyoto is the center of Zen culture. In this frantic world, try meditation in Kyoto as a way to induce a sense of calm and peace. The ultimate goal of Zen is to obtain enlightenment but beginners will appreciate the sanctity of a natural environment where silence and solitude are valued. Check ahead for meditation classes.

15 min walk from JR'Arashiyama Tenryujimae' station or city bus 28(D3) TO 'ARASHIYAMA tenryujimae'
Open until 5:30p.m in the summer

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