Museum of Indigenous Cultures

Museum of Indigenous Cultures

Calle Malecón Tarapacá 332,
Iquitos, Peru
Opening Hours: 8 AM to 8 PM

This small museum in the center of town has an excellent set of exhibits on the local people, cultures and biodiversity of the Amazon. A visit might help travelers further appreciate their trips into the Amazon.
Displays on different tribal groups of the Amazon region covers modern day Peru as well as Brazil, around 30 groups in all. Items from their daily lives elaborate on their hunting methods, customs and religious beliefs. Life size models parade dress styles, creating additional interest in local textiles and designs. Explanations of different groups, their interactions and survival skills in this challenging jungle habitat, also elaborate on major similarities and differences between tribes.
Take a quick peek at displays of jungle plants and animal life, in preparation for forest strolls and sightings of local wildlife.
Interactive exhibits will help keep the attention of younger visitors, who can try on tribal clothing, play musical instruments and test their skills with a hunting blow-pipe.

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