Museum of Historic Boats

Museum of Historic Boats

Raimondi Street, outside the Casa Morey hotel,
Iquitos, Peru
Opening Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM

For anyone wanting to get a feel for boom-time Iquitos and its role as a centre for the rubber trade, a trip to this small museum is a great idea. It is housed in an old steamboat on the riverfront in the centre of the town.
The boat "Ayapua" is a typical example of the many steamships that plied the waterways of the Amazon, used for transporting both the people who moved here, and the valuable rubber cargo to and from the city. The Ayapua was built in Germany in 1906, and is now fully restored to its former glory.
Several galleries arranged around the cabins, are dedicated to the exciting, growth times of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. There are exhibits on how Iquitos developed and daily life in town all highlighted with many fascinating photographs. There are also displays on the history of the boats and the river, and the men who dedicated their lives to navigating the Amazon. Film lovers can find out more about the making of (and view) the splendid film "Fitzcarraldo." This award winning movie was shot in and around Iquitos in the late 1980s, and features one of these grand ships!

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