Jungle Lodge Trip

Jungle Lodge Trip

Iquitos, Peru

For most visitors, the main reason to visit Iquitos is to stay at one of the jungle lodges located on the waterways of the Amazon. Iquitos is one of the most accessible places in the region for an Amazonian jungle experience. Getting up close to both the river and the dense forest surrounding it is a truly memorable and unique experience.
There are many lodges located around Iquitos, and choosing the right one is important. They vary in location (with some much easier to access, but others further away perhaps located in more pristine jungle environments), quality of accommodation, range of activities offered, and of course cost. There are many tour agencies that can help with finding the right spot for each visitor, or check lists and reviews online. There are several lodges located on the waterways around Iquitos.
The typical stay is one to three days, although longer excursions are offered, heading deeper into the jungle. The lodges offer a variety of tours and activities to experience the local environment. These include boat trips, walking trips, visits to observation hides or tree platforms and excursions to local villages. With their jungle locations though, one of the best activities is just to relax and listen to the ever present sounds of birds, insects and animals around you.

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