El Boulevard and the Riverfront Promenade

El Boulevard and the Riverfront Promenade

Iquitos, Peru

The entertainment centre and heart of social life in Iquitos during the 19th and early 20th Century was at the riverfront. Falling somewhat into disrepair with the later decline of the city, this area has in recent years been totally renovated and once again is an attractive and lively place to spend time. An evening here enjoying the bars, restaurants, and river views and breezes, is a great end to a hot, steamy day in Iquitos!
The main riverfront promenade is just a short walk from the Plaza de Armas, and is known as "El Boulevard." This houses the majority of the bars, cafes and restaurants, and there are plenty of places to sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere and evening scene. An outdoor stage often hosts small concerts or local performances of comedy or mime. Many of the buildings here are splendid mansions built by the new residents and business owners flocking to Iquitos.
Moving south, "Malecon Tarapaca" continues along the waterfront. There are fewer bars and restaurants today, but some of the finest buildings and architecture. Take a look at the grand 19th Century house at number 262, now in use as a bakery, and the former Hotel Palace, a beautiful Art Nouveau style construction.

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