Walking by Lake Geneva

Walking by Lake Geneva

quai Gustave-Ador,
Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva is the perfect place for walking. The city is fairly small, so it is easy to cover the downtown areas in two-three hours. Parks and green spaces are prevalent, the climate is moderate, the city always clean and beautiful and there is plenty to see. Wandering by the water is always peaceful; watch the ducks, swans and sailboats for a leisurely hour or so. Boat rides on the lake are popular and a small tourist train is a hit with young visitors. A walkway (promenade) for pedestrians, starting at the center of town, runs along both sides of the lake, and is a favorite spot of locals and tourists.
Access the Jet d’Eau from quai Gustave-Ador on the east side of the lake. Just a little north along the lake is the Parc la Grange. The Jardin Anglais (English Garden) is located on the Promenade du Lac, Quai du Général Guisan near the Pont du Mont Blanc; look for the famous Horloge Fleurie—a horticultural clock made colorful by the profusion of flowers, that also functions as a timepiece. The Pont du Mont Blanc marks the spot where the Rhone River leaves the lake, on its way to France.
Cross the Pont du Mont Blanc, then turn left (south) on the Quai des Bergues. As you walk down the Quay, you will pass the Ile Rousseau, with a statue of the famous philosopher of the French Enlightenment, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a native son of Geneva. Finally, you arrive at the Tour de l’Ile, which is the only remaining part of a 13th century castle built to defend Geneva from the river.

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