Rue du Bourg/Downtown Shopping District

Rue du Bourg/Downtown Shopping District

rue du Bourg, Lausanne nr,
Geneva, Switzerland
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri: 8:30 AM to 7 PM
Sat: 8:30 AM to 6 PM

The pedestrian only rue du Bourg is the chic shopping area of Lausanne and is clearly indicative of the wealth of this small city. Lining the terraced street are shops filled with expensive clothing and lingerie, watchmakers and jewelry stores mixed in with tea rooms and pilates studios. Located just off the rue du Bourg, the Art Nouveau Galerie St. Francois is a small, elegant glass covered shopping mall housing small boutiques and restaurants. On Wednesday and Saturday mornings (8:00 til 2:30), locals shop at the outdoor market or stop at an outdoor café for a drink. In the afternoon, groups of lively English-speaking teenage girls, students attending an international high school, stop by for a treat after class. The rue du Bourg descends towards the rue St. Francois; look for the 13th century Eglise St. Francois on the square, along a street lined with cafes and shops. Then look for the rue du Pont and the multi-storied food and housewares emporium, Globus, with a fascinating array of food and wine and specialized items for your table and kitchen from all over the world.

From November 3- through December 24 the Christmas market is held on the Place St. Francois and brings a festive village to the city.

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