Patek Phillipe Museum

Patek Phillipe Museum

Rue des Vieux-Grenadiers 7,
Geneva 1205
Opening Hours: Tue to Fri: 2 PM to 6 PM
Sat: 10 AM to 6 PM

Mention Switzerland and conjure up the image of the world’s best and most stylish watches and timepieces. Patek Philippe is one of the very best.
The Patek Philippe museum has four floors of displays in the century old building that houses it, which was formerly used for gem cutting, watch case and jewelry making. Over five centuries of horology (the science of measuring time) are laid out, (chronologically, of course), along with Genevese, Swiss and European timepieces, many quite elaborate. The Antiques Collection elaborates on the history of watch making and its key innovations. The Patek Phillippe Collection highlights the company’s own pocket watches and wrist watches, with their unusual and artistic designs since the company’s founding in 1839.
If you decide you must have one of these beauties, head across town to the super chic Rue du Rhone. You can buy a Patek Phillipe at 41 rue du Rhone, in the grand 5 story store, but you can also find Bucherer, Cartier, Chopard and Piaget on the same street. Not far away, you might opt for Vacheron Constantin (1 rue des Moulins) or Rolex Chrono-Time (3 rue de la Fontaine); Masis (12 Passage Malbuisson) sells antique watches. There are many places all over the city to find more modest alternatives.
Guided tours by appointment and on Saturday afternoons.

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