Jet d'Eau -- Water Jet

Jet d'Eau -- Water Jet

Jetée des Eaux Vives,
Geneva 1207
Opening Hours: Sept–Oct, Mar-Apr (March 28 to May 4) (September 15 to October 31)
Wed, Sat, Sun: 10 AM to 10:30 PM
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 10 AM to 8 PM

May–Sept (May 5 to September 14)
9 AM to 11:15 PM

The Jet d’Eau (water jet), is the symbol of Geneva and the world’s tallest fountain. However, its origin was purely practical. The first jet d’eau was built in 1886. New turbines had been built to provide water pressure to the city’s artisans but after nightfall when the shops were closed, the water jet was conceived as a method for relieving water pressure. The jet reached only about 30 m--100 ft. In later years, the locals realized the esthetic (and touristic) appeal of the fountain, which was moved from the river to the lake in 1891.

Today, the water jet reaches a height of 140 m or 450 ft and 7,000 liters (1849 gallons) of water are in the air at all times!

Be careful when it is windy since the jet d’eau might soak you.

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