Boat Tours on Lake Geneva

Boat Tours on Lake Geneva

17 Av. de Rhodanie, Lausanne nr,
Geneva 1006

The splendid Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) provides the perfect setting for not only cruising the lake and enjoying the Swiss mountain and vineyard scenery, but also as a fun and interesting means of transportation around Lake Geneva, both to other stops in Switzerland, and across the lake to France (Evian-les-Bains and Thonon-les-Bains.) Boats leave from Lausanne-Ouchy, and many other spots along the lake. From Lausanne, take a boat to Geneva, or Montreux, to the Chateau de Chillon (made famous by Lord Byron,) or many of the small charming towns lining the lake. A variety of tours are offered: lunch cruises, wine country cruises, gourmet cruises, or, rent a boat for a very special private party.

Day passes are available which allow travel all day long on any cruise

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