The Jameson Experience, Old Midleton Distillery

The Jameson Experience, Old Midleton Distillery

Clonmult Terrace,
Cork, Ireland
Opening Hours: April-October (April 1 to October 31)
10 AM to 6 PM

Nov-March (November 1 to March 31)
11 AM to 4:15 PM
Tue to Sat: 10 AM to 4 PM
Adult Price: 16 Є (17.2 USD),
Child Price: 8 Є (8.59 USD), Child is under 18
Senior Price: 13 Є (14.0 USD),
Student Price: 13 Є (14.0 USD),

The story of Irish whiskey is presented through audiovisual displays, working models and authentic machinery at this restored 18th century building, the largest whiskey distillery in Ireland. The tour takes in the mills, maltings, still-houses, kilns, granaries and warehouses before the visitor is taken to sample the renowned Jameson Whiskey in the bar. Other tour highlights include a working water wheel, and the world’s largest pot still with a capacity of over 30,000 gallons. A gift shop and restaurant extend the experience.

Midleton lies some 14 miles east of Cork City on the Owenacurra River and the N25 road.

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