Historic Stroll in Old Kinsale, Walking Tour

Historic Stroll in Old Kinsale, Walking Tour

Tourist Information Office, Pier Road, Kinsale nr,
Cork, Ireland
Opening Hours: Summer (March 1 to October 31)
Mon to Sat: 11:15 AM to 12:45 PM
Price: 7 Є (7.52 USD)

Chosen by Rick Steve's as "Kinsale's single best attraction", Dave and Barry's Kinsale Historic Stroll reveals the colorful history of Kinsale from when it was a medieval walled town, to its time as a naval base and when it was the last beachhead for the Spanish Armada and the Battle of Kinsale. This tour has won many excellent reviews. Strolling the lovely town of Kinsale is a treat in itself; after the tour, enjoy one of its many fine restaurants.

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