Desmond Castle

Desmond Castle

Cork Street, Kinsale nr,
Cork, Ireland
Opening Hours: April-Sept (April 15 to September 30)
10 AM to 6 PM
Adult Price: 4 Є (4.29 USD),
Child Price: 2 Є (2.15 USD),
Senior Price: 3 Є (3.22 USD),
Student Price: 2 Є (2.15 USD),

First a customs house by the Earl of Desmond in 1500, the castle has been used for many purposes since, as a prison for American sailors during the American War of Independence and as a workhouse in the 19th century. Its current role: the International Museum of Wine, highlighting the lives of Irish refugees who worked in the wine trade, and whose travels to California and Australia spread their knowledge on wine to the wider world.

Last admission one hour before closing

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