TV Tower (Fernshturm)

TV Tower (Fernshturm)

AlexanderPlatz Panoramastrasse 1A,
Berlin 10178
Opening Hours: March-October (March 1 to October 31)
9 AM to 12 AM

Nov-Feb (November 1 to February 28)
10 AM to 12 AM

With its distinctive red-and-white aerial punctuating the Berlin skyline, this ‘retro-futuristic’ 1960s’ TV tower is Europe’s fourth-tallest freestanding structure at 368 meters. It was built at the height of the Cold War to emphasise the Eastern Block’s superior technological prowess over the west – a claim marginally undermined by the fact that although East German architects designed the tower, it was built by Swedish engineers. It is now one of the city’s prime viewing spots and on a clear day, visitors can see for over 40 km across the city. Ascend the elevator in half a minute to seek out the Reichstag, Potsdamer Platz, and the Brandenburg Gate laid out far below from the tower’s bulbous revolving viewing platform, which has a bar and the restaurant Sphere, the place to indulge in quality cuisine while sightseeing 207 meters above the city. The Fernshturm is also a handy landmark by which to navigate within Berlin; visible from pretty much everywhere, it has guided many a disorientated visitor back on to the right track.

25 minute cab ride and 45 minutes by public transit from the airport.

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