Reichstag (German Parliament Building)

Reichstag (German Parliament Building)

Platz der Republik 1,
Berlin, Germany
Opening Hours: 8 AM to 12 AM

Hitler burned it, Christo wrapped it in paper, and it has long swerved from power to obscurity and back. The Reichstag celebrates the German people ("Dem Deutschen Volke," reads the inscription on the facade) and remains one of the biggest crowd-pullers in the city. Visitors can ascend into the glass dome for a bird’s eye view of central Berlin.
Tours of the Reichstag are offered daily four times a day when Parliament is not in session, and architecture tours are offered on the weekends and public holidays. The spectacular dome and roof garden restaurant are worth a visit for the views of the government quarter and the cuisine. Admission is free for the roof terrace and the dome of the Reichstag.

A short walk from the Brandenburg Gate, in the Tiergarten district
Long lines are the norm so plan ahead or arrive early. Prior registration is required for some of the visiting options offered.90 minute guided tours available when Parliament is not in session.

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