Park Sanssouci, Potsdam near,
Berlin 14469

17th and 18th century exotic royal retreats don’t come much grander than this. It’s only a short train ride from Berlin, but Postdam is a world of its own. This is old Prussia’s treasure chest of decadence. At it’s heart, Frederick the Great’s Sanssouci Palace (French for "without worries") toys with every architectural and design feature the rococo period had to offer. Tropical marble birds preside over mirrored, sun-drenched halls. Grapes, flora and fauna- artificial or not- climb and twist up buildings and terraces. This was and remains a place of intellectual raffinesse. The surrounding parkland is punctuated by more castles, summer palaces and seemingly endless royal finery. A day is needed to barely skim the surface. But that’s not all. The old Dutch and Weavers quarters tell the tale of a town once at the heartbeat of European trade and craftsmanship. For those with a passion for European film, the Babelsberg Film Studios breathe life into a number of legendary early 20th century movie productions.

While it is possible to walk from the train station to the major sights, a more interesting alternative is to tour the area by bike, which will also allow you to cover more ground. There are also many sightseeing tour options.

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