DDR Museum

DDR Museum

Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 1,
Berlin 10178
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri, Sun: 10 AM to 8 PM
Sat: 10 AM to 10 PM
Price: 5 Є (5.37 USD) - 7 Є (7.52 USD)

Welcome to a piece of retro lifestyle. In 1989, utopia crashed into its own desolate concrete reality. Communism’s showpiece state GDR (DDR), the German Democratic Republic, dissolved together with the Berlin Wall and the Warsaw Pact. The underlying ideas of equality for all and communal effort may have been noble at the core. However, life within it was marked by deprivation, bullying and a state so powerful that it spied on every single one of its citizens. Conform or die was the mantra. Still, sixteen million people lived and breathed DDR life for over 40 years. They queued for daily essentials. They pushed through the ranks of state-sponsored institutions and they brought a little individuality into an otherwise bleak and standard issue existence. Pots and pans, books and music, walk-in living rooms, surveillance equipment and censored TV shows resuscitate a slice of life east of the iron curtain. Touch, feel and take a ride through a virtual grey jungle in the iconic state-issued Trabi car.

On the river Spree, directly opposite the Berlin Cathedral. 25 min cab ride and 45 mins by public transit (S Bahn) from the airport.
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