Sydney Spring

As we head into fall in the Northern Hemisphere, springtime comes to Australia's largest city, bringing beautiful weather, more affordable lodging and airfare and fewer crowds. Routinely ranked among the most stunning cities in the world, Sydney is a long flight from almost anywhere but one look at Sydney Harbor is all it takes to make the trip seem worthwhile. The Harbor hums with activity, whether it's the family friendly zoo and aquarium, renowned fish market, the heart-pounding bridge climb, rum at The Rocks or the ferries that have been operating since 1789. The restaurant choices reflect the city's multicultural makeup with uniquely Australian grub like emu, crocodile, anzac biscuits and vegemite offering a distinctly local flavor. Day trips to wine country and the UNESCO Heritage Blue Mountains site, are readily available. Like most major cities, Sydney warrants at least 3 to 5 days for experiencing the highlights.

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