Read and Dream - Paris

Art lover Diane Sagalowicz recommends these wonderful books for anyone who has ever thought of dreamy walks and talks, bridges, flowers, cafes, springtime and the special light enveloping the city's monuments at dawn and dusk. Get inspired, get romantic, read a great book!


Forever Paris, by Christina Henry de Tessan

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Explore the late-night haunts of Ernest Hemingway, Josephine Baker, and Pablo Picasso. and take a stroll through Edith Piaf’s Belleville. This lively collection of walking adventures shows Paris as seen from the intimate vantage point of those who loved it best.

Hidden Gardens of Paris: A Guide to the Parks

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Hidden Gardens of Paris: A Guide to the Parks, Squares, and Woodlands of the City of Light, by Susan Cahill and Marion Ranoux

More than forty parks and gardens are featured, with a focus on the origins of each and the historical figures (Colette, Proust, Balzac, Saint-Exupery) who took refuge in their beauty.

Old-Fashioned Corners of Paris, by C Destournelles

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A small and exquisite catalog of an almost-vanished Paris.

The Light of Paris, by Jean-Michel Berts

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A masterpiece of black-and-white photographs of the landmark buildings of Paris, all taken at dawn or dusk.

Paris Letters, by Janice MacLeod

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A true story sure to inspire other dreamers out there, and a beautifully written memoir from Janice MacLeod about Paris, life, career, and love.

The Paris Journal, by Nichole Robertson

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Take a day-long journey that explores hidden gems within a section of the city often forgotten by tourists. The poetic language and scene-setting photographs will make you fall in love with Paris all over again.

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