Nanjing Lu Pedestrian Shopping Street

Nanjing Lu Pedestrian Shopping Street

Nanjing Dong Lu,
Shanghai, China
Price: 136.99 CNY (19.8 USD)

In the early half of the 20th century, Nanjing Lu was the main thoroughfare through the International Settlement, linking the racetrack with the financial center at the Bund. Today, it is Shanghai’s most famous shopping street. Colonial structures are still sandwiched into the ever-multiplying eateries and shops. Check out the No. 1 Department Store, Shanghai’s first department store, which opened in 1934. Stop at the Century Square to watch the street-performers and variety of open-air exhibitions. If your legs get weary, jump on the sightseeing trolley as it beeps by for 2.00. The daytime shops are diverting but at night, take in the street for its colorful signs and electric lights. Nanjing Lu is never closed but most shops open between 8 and 10 am and close around 22:00. Late at night the clientele might get a bit sketchy, so be more careful of your personal belongings and watch out for more aggressive beggars. On Saturday and Sunday mornings the locals come out for the weekly spruce-up services. Take in the shoe cobblers repairing footwear and on-the-street barbers giving trims. Tours of Shanghai cover this popular area.

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