Circus World, Shanghai

Circus World, Shanghai

Shanghai Circus World, No.2266, Gonghexin Road,
Shanghai, China
Price: 120 CNY (17.4 USD) and up

Nightly shows of acrobatics and circus acts are on offer at this impressive, purpose built circus venue in the northern part of the city. This venue offers a terrific evening of family entertainment, with a good mix of family fun and traditional Chinese culture.
The main performance is Era –Intersection of time. This is a high tech, multimedia show, combining traditional acrobatics with state of the art effects, music and lighting. Acrobatics and circus performance has long been a Chinese tradition, and this modern, updated take makes for great entertainment. The traditional activities of trapeze, body contortion, and humor are all there with ultra-modern special effects.
Early birds can check for additional afternoon shows. Performances vary throughout the season, but the focus is always acrobatic and circus theatre. Plan ahead and purchase tickets before you leave home.

Take subway line 1 to Shanghai Circus World station.
Shows are normally held every evening at 7.30pm

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