Boat trip on Huangpu River

Boat trip on Huangpu River

Shiliupu Ferry Terminal near the south of the Bund,
Shanghai, China
Price: CNY (0.00 USD)
Price: 15 CNY (2.17 USD)

For a quick trip away from the congestion of the city, and some great views from a different vantage point, consider a short boat trip on the central Huangpu River. Boats leave regularly from a location at the south end of the Bund.
The Huangpu River is a branch of the Yangtze River, only 110 kilometers long, but traversing right through the city. The cruise offers great views back onto the Bund - the same first views that foreign visitors arriving by ship to Shanghai in the early 20th Century would get - and across to the towers of Pudong. The standard one hour cruise will go as far as the Yangpu Bridge, an impressive sight as one of the world’s longest cable-stay bridges. Also by this bridge are the Shanghai docks, some of the largest in China, and handling as much as a third of all international trade traffic to China.
A longer 3 – 4 hour cruise continues all the way to the junction with the Yangtze River, marked by a lone lighthouse. This trip passes through suburbs and some large industrial areas, as well as the Wusong fort, where the British were fought during the Opium Wars. Approx $80 per person.

Take subway line 2 to East Nanjing Road, and then walk 10 minutes to the terminal on the Bund.
Boats leave regularly all day
Departure time 7 p.m.

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