American River Bike Trail

American River Bike Trail

Discovery Park,
Sacramento, United States
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One of the longest paved bike trails in the country, the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, more commonly referred to as the American River Bike Trail, is 32 miles long and runs from just north of downtown Sacramento to Folsom Lake and the nearby town of Folsom. The trail is named in honor of the famous fur trapper Jedediah Smith who followed the American River and discovered much of the Sacramento Valley. In the late 1800s, it was marked out by a bikers’ organization known as the Capital City Wheelmen, but early plans for a trail were abandoned due to the onset of automobiles in the early 1900s. Many parks lie along the path, perfect for a picnic lunch or a quick rest stop. The trail is well maintained by the city of Sacramento and is used by over 5 million people annually

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