Piazza Umberto, Capri near,
Naples, Italy
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Accessible by ferry from Amalfi, Sorrento, and Naples, Capri was the playground of decadent ancient Roman playboys and has remained the province of the jet set ever since. Of the 50,000 tourists a day that throng this lovely island during summer, most head to Marina Grande, a pretty little town with brightly painted houses around the harbor. Nearly all disappear off to the Blue Grotto by motor launch, but it’s worth spending a while exploring the backstreets. The grotto itself is set under steep cliffs and its waters sparkle with an unearthly iridescent turquoise. In high season, chances are you’ll be joined by tens of other boats jostling for position, so visit later in the day for a few serene minutes to marvel at the colors. Palazzo di Tiberius, built by the emperor who ruled from his sybaritic stronghold between 27 and 37AD, is worth a peep for its sheer size; as the largest Roman villa on Capri it covers some 9,000 square meters and was the scene of much drunken debauchery. Round off a day on Capri with a lazy drink on La Piazzetta in cute Capri Town, which is lined with smart bars and pricey restaurants. Get there in time for the nightly passeggiata and chances are you’ll spot some famous faces.

2 hrs by ferry from Naples/overnight trip recommended

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