Munich, Germany
Opening Hours: 7 AM to 11:30 PM
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Price: 15 Є (16.1 USD)

Surround yourself with all things opulent, quirky and historic. Marienplatz, Munich’s most beloved square is ringed by iconic landmarks: Frauenkirche and Rathaus. The scene- medieval in appearance- may fool even the most dedicated history buff. Dreamy spires, sculpted facades and a liberal sprinkling of carved ornaments are in fact no medieval masterpiece. They represent a retro trend en vogue in early 20th century Germany. Form as function and futuristic cubes? Not here! Middle-class and industrialist wealth was forked into imitation royal pomp and splendour. The Rathaus is a fine example. But then, this is only the pleasant backdrop to Marienplatz’s heart and soul. Not a day goes by without an event, a show, random political expressionism or exhibitionism. The heart of the city beats right here. On a good day, you might even see the snow-capped Alps peeking over the top of your cappuccino froth.
This is also a good spot to pick up a hop-on hop-off tour that will cover the major attractions in 1 hour (express tour) with audio commentary:
Prices from 15 Euros for the hop on hop off tour.

S Bahn S8 or S1 from the airport to Marienplatz (45 mins from the airport)

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