Domberg Hill in Freising

Domberg Hill in Freising

Domberg 27, Freising nr,
Munich 85354
Opening Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM
Price: Є (0.00 USD)
Price: 15 Є (16.1 USD)

Playful Bavarian Christian architecture in all its late Baroque splendor pours over a hill in the medieval town of Freising. Domberg ("Cathedral") Hill was also thought to be a hilltop settlement in the Bronze Age. Two snow-white Cathedral towers poke into the clear alpine skies. A good portion of Catholic history mixes with an appealing dose of playful southern German architecture. Walk through the crypts and admire the craftsmanship. Make sure you also drop into the Baroque library (closed from November to mid May) and snoop around Benediktuskirche (St Benedict’s Church).
The town of Freising itself is filled with rococo and Baroque facades, cobbled lanes and Renaissance residences, old markets, Bishops’ palaces, guild houses, crypts and churches provide excellent insight into the styles and traditions of old Bavaria. Tours start at the information office and are offered in German, English and French; call to arrange tours in advance. Prices depend on number of participants and vary over the year.

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