Stanley Market

Stanley Market

Stanley Market,
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM
Price: HK$ (0.00 USD)
Price: 15 HK$ (1.93 USD)

The place to source embroidered shoes, basketry, table decorations and silk cheong sams, Stanley’s massive covered market is a tourist trap. Accept that and you’ll love it. The linen at Tong’s Sheets and Linen Co (55-57 Stanley Main Street) are well priced. Further inside, mousehole-sized Lung Sang Hong (Staircase, 45-47 Stanley Main Street) stocks genuine pashmina shawls and scarves in myriad colors. After your bargain hunting, meander along the waterfront of Stanley Main Road, lined with restaurants (avoid the English pubs). To explore the south side of Hong Kong, take bus No. 9 to the clean, sandy beaches of peaceful Shek-O and Big Wave Bay.

A windy and not too pleasant drive of 30 minutes or more from the Central district. Take a taxi if possible or several buses service this route. Taxis are the most convenient alternative, although the public transit system (MTR) will get you to nearby Causeway Bay.
Some variation in shop hours

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