Ocean Park

Ocean Park

Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM
Adult Price: 385 HK$ (49.6 USD),
Child Price: 193 HK$ (24.9 USD),

The perfect place for a family day out, Ocean Park is a theme park, zoo, conservation center, and marine world all rolled into one. It has recently been much improved and it now well worth taking a day to visit. The steep-sided park is divided roughly in half, with a mountain in between. The Waterfront and The Summit are connected by either a cable car ride or the Ocean Express funicular – both have amazing views along the coastline. There are 12 themed areas between the two, altogether offering about 35 rides and attractions – the newest is Polar Adventure, which introduces snowy bob-sleigh rides and an assortment of Arctic animals including walruses and foxes, plus strutting penguins. Aqua City boasts an impressive aquarium and a beautifully nightly water show. Whiskers Harbour has gentle rides for younger kids, while adrenaline junkies will prefer the heart-stopping terror of Thrill Mountain’s Hair Raiser roller coaster or Marine World’s The Abyss. Perhaps most appealing is Amazing Asian Animals, which has its two resident giant pandas, Ying Ying and Le Le, alongside endangered Asian red pandas and golden monkeys. There are twice daily dolphin shows at Marine World and birds of prey go through their paces in the Bird Theatre.

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