2 Tim Mei Avenue,
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Price: 80 HK$ (10.3 USD) Sampan rides

Once a pretty village where what remains of Hong Kong’s fishing fleet is located, Aberdeen is on the island’s south coast and its traditional harbour now has a backdrop of humungous skyscrapers. Rows and rows of sampans bob on the water of the harbor; most of these are permanent homes to the fishing families, who wear wide-brimmed hats. Several thousand people live on their fishing boats and the detritus of every-day life makes for a chaotic photogenic experience. Sightseeing tours leave from various points along the promenade. Visit at night and sail around the harbor by junk as the twinkling lights reflect on the sea before repairing to the gaudily lit Jumbo Kingdom – arguably the world’s largest floating restaurant – for a magical supper of fresh, fresh seafood and a look around the stores, tea garden, and Pier Plaza. The massive fish market nearby was ‘reinvented’ into a tourist ‘experience’ with fish stalls and restaurants within the complex.

MTR Central Station, Exit A, then take bus 70 from the Exchange Square bus terminus.
Free taxi boats trundle between Jumbo Kingdom and Aberdeen or Shan Wan piers. Phone number provided is for the Visitor hotline

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