Steinstrasse 7,
Hamburg, Germany
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The Reeperbahn is a boulevard about one kilometer (0.6 mile) long near the harbor that is lined with sex shops and night clubs. It is also a red-light district in a country where prostitution is legal. Although the Reeperbahn leans toward tawdry, the district crackles with excitement after dark and is well worth a visit. The Beatles played in several now-defunct Reeperbahn music clubs in the early 1960s before becoming famous. Just off the Reeperbahn at Davidstrasse and Spielbudenplatz stands what probably is Germany’s best known police station. The brick façade of the Davidwache with its ‘Polizei’ sign appears in numerous films and the station marks the unofficial geographical center of the district. Continue down the Davidstrasse and look for the Herbertstrasse, a small street blocked by a wall and a sign stating ‘Entry for men under 18 and women prohibited.’ The street behind the wall is lined with bordellos staffed by ladies of the night who display their wares behind show windows. Should a non-working girl pass the wall, she likely will be met with streams of water from squirt guns kept at the ready by vigilant prostitutes. Continue down Davidstrasse to Bernhardt-Nocht-Strasse and turn right. At the end of the street is Antoni Park, the only city park built on a roof. An artists’ project, the park offers an excellent view of the harbor and palm trees made of steel. For Reeperbahn culture, the Erotic Art Museum is located at Bernhard-Nocht-Str. 69, on the way to the park.

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