The Wonderful World of Hans Christian Andersen

The Wonderful World of Hans Christian Andersen

Rådhuspladsen 57,
Copenhagen, Denmark
Opening Hours: Sept - May (September 1 to May 31)
Fri, Sat: 10 AM to 8 PM
Mon to Thu, Sat, Sun: 10 AM to 6 PM

Jun - Aug (June 1 to August 31)
10 AM to 10 PM
Price: 40 kr (5.78 USD) and up

If you are traveling with young kids or have a keen interest in the works of Denmark’s favorite storyteller, this is a good option to learn more about Andersen, with a series of tableaux illustrating his fairy-cum-morality tales, plus letters, newspaper clippings, and photographs to appeal to older visitors. Born in Odense in 1805, HCA arrived in Copenhagen in 1819 determined to be an actor. He didn’t get his big theatrical break but in 1835 wrote his first whimsical fairy tale, The Tinder Box. In this museum you’ll find tableaux of his early life and stories–the scene chosen to illustrate The Emperor’s New Clothes will make you laugh out loud. You’ll also meet Thumbelina and The Tin Soldier and see the original manuscript for The Stone of the Wise Man, the museum’s most costly purchase. A couple of minutes’ walk away outside the Rådhus, there’s a statue of our hero gazing ruminatively over towards Tivoli Gardens. He’s attired in top hat and formal clothes and sits on the boulevard that bears his name. Andersen lived at several central Copenhagen addresses over the years; spot the plaques bearing his name at Nyhavn 18, 20 and 67

Free with Copenhagen card.

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