Statens Museum (National Gallery of Modern Art)

Statens Museum (National Gallery of Modern Art)

Sølvgade 48-50.,
Copenhagen, Denmark
Opening Hours: Tue, Thu to Sun: 10 AM to 5 PM
Wed: 10 AM to 8 PM
Price: 45 kr (6.50 USD) - 55 kr (7.94 USD)

Spanning art from the 14th century to contemporary work, this glorious light-filled gallery began life in the 19th century and now has a simple glass extension fused on to it, linked by a narrow, plain exhibition space called Sculpture Street, which hosts temporary exhibitions, mainly of sculpture. Renaissance works, portraiture, and Danish art plus a few Rembrandts and Rubens are housed in the original section of the museum but with the exception of a strong collection of paintings and sketches from the Golden Age (CW Eckersberg, Abildgård, and Hammershøi) in rooms 218–229, the modern collections are superior. Work by CoBrA Group artists, a pan-European group centered on Copenhagen, Brussels, and Amsterdam in the 1950s, celebrate Denmark’s significance in the art world. Look in Room 208 for the abstracts by Asger Jorn (1914–73), inspired by the darker side of Norse mythology. Look for quality paintings by Braque, Derain, Matisse, Dufy, and Modigliani as well as the odd Picasso and interesting contemporary Danish work. The massive patchwork quilt by Kirsten Roepstorff in 1972 predates Tracey Emin’s similar creations by decades.

Free admission.Check the website for English language guided tour timings.

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