Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel

Hammerichsgade 1,
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Copenhagen’s original boutique hotel is also one of its best-known landmarks. In 1956, Arne Jacobsen (1902–71), Denmark’s most famous designer, had a hand in it all from the architecture (square, functional, concrete, it’s not a pretty building) to the furniture and the cutlery, and in so doing, he revolutionized Danish design concepts. At 22 stories, the Radisson was briefly Scandinavia’s tallest building, and the windows stretch around the rooms like ribbons, giving views over Copenhagen’s rooftops. Jacobsen moved into room 606 for a while, before taking a violent dislike to his handiwork and moving out. Following renovations, few elements of his original designs remain, although there are Egg chairs in the foyer, a devilishly beautiful twisted spiral staircase, and elements of his work in all the guest rooms, which have recently been upgraded to incorporate contemporary technologies. Room 606 has been preserved (ask if it’s empty and if you’re lucky, you may get a tour). Despite his dislike for his own work, Jacobsen’s Swan, Pot, and Egg chairs, cutlery, and crockery are regarded as timeless classics; they have been copied by many hotels and are sold in many Copenhagen shops.

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