Legoland Park

Legoland Park

Aps,Nordmarksvej-9, Billund nr,
Copenhagen DK-7190
Opening Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM
Price: 279 kr (40.3 USD) and up

Found in a rather uninspiring area of Jutland but within driving reach of Odense and Copenhagen, the legendary Lego mini-building brick started life as a series of wooden toys created by Ole Kirk Christiansen in the 1930s and mutated into its present form in 1947, bringing fame and fortune to the Christiansen family. It was Ole’s son Godtfred who had the idea of building a theme park with millions of Lego bricks; the first attraction was called Miniland and featured world-famous monuments, tiny versions of the centres of Copenhagen and Amsterdam. Today Legoland has mutated into a mini-version of Disney, with eight different zones, roller coasters, splashy water rides, and lots of fast-paced family entertainment. Toddlers can play happily in DUPLO Land’s farm and police station, and gentle mini-Ferris wheel. Rather more challenging are the Xtreme Racers roller coaster and power-ski-ing Jungle Racers in Adventure Land, where there are height restrictions. Shows and parades are held throughout the day, including 3-D Bob the Builder films in the cinema, with open-air concerts and themed Western Nights rounding off the evening. Family-oriented amenities include stores selling (unsurprisingly) Lego kits and a panoply of fast-food outlets to stave of hunger tantrums.

Opening hours vary seasonally. Check website for details.

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