Copenhagen, Denmark
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Join Copenhageners on an afternoon’s promenade along Langelinie to follow the shoreline along the Øresund. A couple of hundred meters along the shore path, Edvard Eriksen’s iconic statue of The Little Mermaid has been perched on her rocky island since 1913, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s eponymous fairy tale. Copenhagen’s world-famous sculpture might be small but she’s definitely popular–she receives over one million visitors a year to her little boulder with its industrial backdrop. Sadly not everybody is kind to her; her head has been knocked off twice since she was unveiled. Jostle with the inevitable crowds to take a picture and then carry on up Langelinie Quay to the cruise-liner port and turn left into Østbassin for another intriguing pile of stones with a mermaid atop. Dubbed the Mutant Mermaid, this sculpture is a recent addition to the city, and is twisted like a figure in a Mannerist painting. She sits afloat her throne in the dock, opposite a sinister group sculpture called Paradise Genetically Altered, a distorted vision of the Holy Family; both are by anarchic contemporary artist Bjørn Nørgaard.

40 mins to Osterport metro from the airport

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