Kronborg Castle

Kronborg Castle

Kronborg 2c, Helsingor nr,
Copenhagen, Denmark
Opening Hours: Tue to Sun: 11 AM to 4 PM
Price: 45 kr (6.50 USD) - 90 kr (13.0 USD)

Scene of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, majestic Renaissance Kronborg sits on a windswept headland on the north-east tip of North Zealand, guarding the entrance to the Øresund and looking towards Sweden. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was built in 1585 to ward off attack from the sea. There’s an informative history trail around the fortified ramparts and bastions, from where cannons point seaward towards Helsinborg in Sweden, 4km away. A survivor of a fire in 1629, the chapel is off the castle courtyard. With gilded and panelled ceilings and walls plus an ornately carved and brightly painted, this is the most impressive part of the castle. On the second floor, the Royal Chambers are sparsely furnished and bare but have a certain austere splendor. The Danish Maritime Museum, also in the second floor, is cluttered and confused. Dank, dark, and unsettling, the rambling casemates underneath the castle once housed a thousand soldiers and their supplies in times of siege. Today these dungeons are enlivened by eerie contemporary art installations.

Hours vary by month, please check website before visiting. English-language guided tours offered, check the website for timings

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