House of Organic Inspiration, Copenhagen

House of Organic Inspiration, Copenhagen

Allegade 7-9 2000, Frederiksberg,
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Determined to become the first carbon-neutral European capital by 2025, Copenhagen has masses of green initiatives, 200 miles of cycle lanes, plenty of organic food shops and restaurants, and a splendid bank of wind turbines in the Øresund. Now the House of Organic Inspiration (Det Økologiske Inspirationshus) has proudly opened its doors in fashion-forward Frederiksberg. Largely made of glass, the zero-energy house is the brainchild of children’s actress Jytte Abildstrøm, who also runs the Ecological Puppet Theatre, aimed at educating kids to be eco-aware. Occasionally she is on hand to give tours but this usually falls to her manager, Hanne Andersen, who is a font of knowledge on all things organic. All sorts of sustainable ideas are put into use, including compost lavatories, bio waste-water purifying through sand and stones, solar panels, and a mass oven, which uses bricks to store heat and release it slowly. There are guided tours in Danish and English; call to book.

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