Den Gamle By Open Air Museum

Den Gamle By Open Air Museum

Viborgvej-2, Arhus nr,
Copenhagen DK-8000
Opening Hours: 10 AM to 4 PM
Price: 75 kr (10.8 USD) - 135 kr (19.5 USD)

Denmark’s foremost open-air museum sees a collection of ancient buildings from all over the country and from different eras reconstructed in parkland. Many millions of kroner have been spent renovating these buildings on cobbled streets and clustered along the waterside to create a very convincing old town. Comprising around 50 buildings, highlights include a 16th-century warehouse from Ålborg and brought to the site in 1946, an 18th-century Customs House, rebuilt on piles over water to allow ships to moor alongside, and the splendid half-timbered Mintmaster’s Mansion from Copenhagen, only completed in 1999. There are greenhouses, market gardens, and stables to inspect, plus a functioning theater from Helsingør, re-erected here in 1962, where there is a full program of events. Adding to the sense of authenticity, from Easter through December costumed characters occupy some of the houses, so it is possible to chat with a clergyman’s widow in the Eilschou Almshouses and watch the maid make bread in the fully functioning kitchens of the Merchant’s House. There are pricey guided tours (DKK550-700) of the museum’s many sights, but frankly it’s more pleasurable to wander around in your own time.

3 hrs by train from Copenhagen, best visited on an overnight trip.
Hours vary by month, check website prior to your visit

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