Christiansborg Slot (Castle) & Slotsholmen Museums

Christiansborg Slot (Castle) & Slotsholmen Museums

Prins Jørgens Gård 1,
Copenhagen, Denmark
Opening Hours: Oct-Apr (October 1 to April 30)
Tue to Sun: 10 AM to 5 PM

May-Sept (May 1 to September 30)
10 AM to 5 PM
Price: 50 kr (7.22 USD) - 150 kr (21.7 USD)

The tiny island of Slotsholmen was the site of Bishop Absalon’s Copenhagen in the 12th century and subsequent home to the Danish Royal Family in a series of ever-more flamboyant palaces. Today’s palace dates from 1928 and at one time had the tallest tower in the city, at 106 meters. At the time of writing it is under wraps, undergoing renovation to its copper spire. The grand Royal Reception Rooms on the second floor are scene of gala dinners, presidential visits, and ambassadorial meetings. Tapestries and murals adorn some walls, others are covered in historical oil paintings, while marble busts and fine furniture fill every room. Today Slotsholmen houses the Folketinget, the Danish Parliament, in Christiansborg Palace, a grand neoclassical church, and seven diverse museums. The comprise the Royal Reception Rooms in Christiansborg Castle, Ruinerne af Absalons (Absalon’s Ruins), Tøjhusmuseet (Royal Danish Arsenal Museum), Kongelige Bibliotek (Royal Library), a rather disappointing Teatermuseet (theater museum), Thorvaldsens Museum, showcasing one man’s obsession with sculpture, and the Daniel Libeskind’s
Danske Jødisk Museum. The two latter are the best of the bunch. Christiansborg Slot.

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