Christiania Alternative Community

Christiania Alternative Community

43 Badsmandsstraede,
Copenhagen, Denmark
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This controversial counter-culture community is not for everyone (and generally not recommended for children). In 1971, squatters took over an abandoned military barracks and declared it their own. They established their own rules, the most controversial of which was tolerance of so-called “soft drugs.” Although they are illegal in Denmark, marijuana and hashish were sold openly at streetside stands within the walled community until a few years ago. A recent crackdown has ended this micro-economy.

Christiania is scruffy around the edges. It’s got a bit of a wild feel about it, but it’s generally safe as long as you follow their three self-imposed rules: No weapons, no hard drugs, and no taking pictures.

If you go, go with an open mind. It’s easy and fascinating to and strike up a conversation with a resident in one of Christiania’s shops or pubs, and learn about the politics surrounding this community. To learn even more, join the 3 p.m. English walking tour that leaves from near the main entrance. A local guide explains the history of the neighborhood.

Spiseloppen is an excellent restaurant within the compound. At night, local rock bands often play live music.

(Please note that while there has been a police crackdown, you will sometimes see or smell illegal drugs in Christiania. If this makes you uncomfortable, going there is not recommended. On the other side of the coin, police have cracked down and will arrest you if you are caught using or purchasing illegal substances.)

Christiania is a 10-minute walk from the Christianshavn Metro station. As you exit the station, walk straight off the escalator, two blocks to Princessegade. Turn left, crossing the wide boulevard, and continue on Princessegade for three blocks to the main entrance.

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