Carlsberg Visitors Center & The Jacobsen Brewhouse

Carlsberg Visitors Center & The Jacobsen Brewhouse

Gamle Carlsberg Vej 11,
Copenhagen, Denmark
Opening Hours: Tue to Sun: 10 AM to 5 PM
Price: 70 kr (10.1 USD) - 95 kr (13.7 USD)

Established in 1847 by Jacob Jacobsen and named after his son Carl; for years the family has been a powerful force for good within Copenhagen, building housing for their workers and donating the fabulous Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek to the city. The complex consists of two breweries, offices, laboratories, an academy, plus a small museum relating Carlsberg family history; the latter is dull. Head instead to the Visitor Centre found in the Old Brewery, which was built in 1847. Here there is a thoroughly enjoyable, interactive journey through the history of brewing at Carlsberg. Proceedings kick off with a display of 13,000 bottles of limited-edition beers and rattle past steam engines, the cooperage (where the beer barrels were made), bottling displays, and a short film on cleaning the huge wooden barrels used to store the beer. In the stables, lots of contented chestnut Jutland heavy horses munch on their hay; they are still used to pull brewery drays around the city and get to tour the world promoting Carlsberg products. The tour ends up at the Jacobsen Brewhouse, a vast pine-floored barn with a gleaming tear-shaped copper bar, where there is a choice of lagers on offer, the first two half pints free with entrance tickets.

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