USS Constellation

USS Constellation

301 East Pratt Street,
Baltimore, United States
Opening Hours: 10 AM to 4:30 PM
Adult Price: 11 $ (11.0 USD), Adults 15-59
Child Price: 5 $ (5.00 USD), Children 6-14
Senior Price: 9 $ (9.00 USD), Seniors 60+

Docked along the waterfront of Inner Harbor, the USS Constellation is the last wooden all sail powered warship commissioned by the US Navy. Built in 1853, The Constellation patrolled the west coast of Africa enforcing the American ban on the slave trade. During her service, she stopped three ships smuggling human cargo bound for the United States.

During the Civil War, the Constellation served as an escort protecting Union merchant ships. However, it was during this war when the Navy realized technology was making wooden sail ships obsolete. The Merrimac and the Monitor proved iron clad ships could not only float, but were better protected against enemy bombardment. Also, Robert Fulton’s steamboat demonstrated ships no longer required wind to stay in motion.

The Constellation would serve as a training vessel for the Navy and pressed into service as a relief boat during World Wars I and II. In 1955, she was decommissioned and towed to Baltimore.

The Constellation continues to serve as a maritime museum, showing visitors life as a sailor in the mid 19th Century. During the tours, your children may be pressed into service and subjected to basic training to become “power monkeys” who carried bags of gun powder for the canons. Other highlights include the sleeping quarters and an old salt teaching G rated sea shanties.

The USS Constellation and other historic ships are docked at Inner Harbor.

The MARC train and light rail stop at Camden Yards, a few blocks from Inner Harbor and the Baltimore World Trade Center.
Closing hours vary slightly by season

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