Sherwood Gardens

Sherwood Gardens

4100 Greenway,
Baltimore, United States
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Located in the Guilford neighborhood, north of downtown, the six acre Sherwood Gardens is a popular urban oasis for Baltimore’s families.

During the 1800s, the property was the part of the estate of A. S. Abell, the founder of the Baltimore Sun newspaper. In the 1920s, John Sherwood, who bought the land, began planting tulips that he imported from Holland. Proud of his handiwork, he would invite the general public to see his garden.

Sherwood’s legacy is in evidence in April when 80,000 tulips, in all the colors of the rainbow, are in full bloom. During this brief period of time, the gardens are the most popular spot in the city. Equally as beautiful are the azalea gardens that bloom a week or two after the tulips have fallen. Volunteers keep the area beautiful throughout the year.

Admission is free. Open from dawn to dusk

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