Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

Maryland Zoo in Baltimore

1876 Mansion House Drive,
Baltimore, United States
Opening Hours: Jan-February
Mon, Fri to Sun: 10 AM to 4 PM

10 AM to 4 PM
Adult Price: 18 $ (18.0 USD),
Child Price: 13 $ (13.0 USD),
Senior Price: 15 $ (15.0 USD),

With the National Aquarium at Inner Harbor getting most of the attention (and deservedly so), it is easy to forget that Baltimore also has a world class zoo within a lion’s roar of downtown. Set amongst the lush acreage in Druid Hill Park, over 2000 carnivores, creepy crawlies and cuddly animals populate this zoo.

Like most zoos, this one has been greening its environment. Gone are the claustrophobia inducing, jail cell imitating cages. In their place are recreations of the animals’ natural environment. For the African Journey, the savannah of Central Africa is brought to urban Baltimore. A boardwalk allows for viewing without those meddling bars and the open space gives the animals room to roam. Especially popular is a feeding station where visitors can feed giraffes from their hands. Word of caution: a giraffe’s tongue is about 22 inches long. There may be some slobbering by the feeding station.

Local animal life is well represented: bog turtles, red fox, native snakes and bats. River otters are in tanks designed so that they swim over the visitors’ heads while a reconstructed barn houses the children’s petting zoo.

For an additional fee, enjoy a ride on two traditional modes of transportation. Try the Jones Falls Zephyr, a recreated Civil War era locomotive or channel your inner Lawrence of Arabia and take a ride on a Dromedary camel.

The Maryland Zoo of Baltimore is in Druid Hill Park, northeast of downtown Baltimore.

From I-83 North and South, take Exit 7 (West) to Druid Park Lake Drive and follow signs to the Zoo.

From I-95 South, take I-695 West (exit 64) to I-83 South (exit 23A). Take Exit 7 (West) to Druid Park Lake Drive and follow signs to the Zoo.

From I-95 North, take I-395 North (Exit 53), continue onto Pratt Street, then turn left onto President Street. Continue straight on I-83 North. Take Exit 7 (West) to Druid Park Lake Drive – follow signs to the Zoo.

Baltimore's light rail stops at Woodberry at Druid Hill Park's northeast corner. The Zoo is within the Park. The Baltimore Subway stops at Mondawmin about a block from the southwest entrance of Druid Hill Park.

The MTA 100 bus goes from Inner Harbor to Druid Hill Park.
Winter season hours may vary, check the website.

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