Federal Hill Park

Federal Hill Park

300 Warren Avenue,
Baltimore, United States
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Prominently located at the southern portion of Inner Harbor, Federal Hill served as a line of defense from the Revolution through the Civil War. The closest it came to seeing combat was during the War of 1812. However, the British never made it past Fort McHenry leaving the defenses at Federal Hill untested. Later, it was called Signal Hill. Given its position, harbormasters could watch the ships as they entered the port. When they recognized a ship, they would raise the flag of the designated merchant, signaling that their ship had come into port.

Today, Federal Hill is one of the most popular parks in Baltimore. Local and visitors alike come here to take in one of the best views of the city. The view sweeps from Camden Yards on the left to Inner Harbor to downtown Baltimore, the Aquarium and the Domino Sugar Factory on the far right. All the while pleasure boats continue to enter and leave the harbor.

Getting to the top of the hill will require some climbing. The only accessible path to the top is along Warren Ave, along the southern border of the Park.

Federal Hill Park is south of Inner Harbor. There is metered parking along the streets surrounding the Park.

Those who are visiting Inner Harbor can take a leisurely walk south along the waterfront to Federal Hill.

The MTA 64 bus stops at the intersection of Light and Montgomery Street, two blocks west of Federal Hill.

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