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A network of travel writers around the globe contribute to the proprietary travel information that TripSketch uses in its web and mobile travel planning applications for individuals and travel professionals. Users can have confidence that they are getting detailed, easy to browse information for popular attractions, tours and restaurants in top tourism destinations around the world. Users can plan activities around their interests and within their time constraints.

TripSketch also offers a fast and easy way for travel professionals to provide dynamically tailored content and/or a trip planner application into their own websites for better customer service and satisfaction.

CEO and Founder Lalitha Swart

Lalitha started her career with Bank of America, where she managed relationships with start-ups and venture capitalists.  She then joined a start-up, Silicon Valley Bank, which she helped grow to become the world's leading high technology bank.  As Executive VP, she created new business units key to meeting the growing needs of the bank's customers, including cash management, international finance, and an innovative networking site for entrepreneurs. Before founding TripSketch, she worked with technology start-ups in the US and Ireland as a CFO, advisor, investor, mentor and in business development. Lalitha graduated from Brown University with a degree in Biochemistry and later earned an MBA from the University of Washington. With a father in the UN, Lalitha grew up all over the world and has traveled extensively for business and pleasure.

VP of Engineering Daniel Sagalowicz

Previously, he spearheaded the strategic technology direction for Adobe's Enterprise line, as Senior Director of Product Management. He was Vice President of Engineering and a founding executive at several startups including Tsola and E-Stamp. His resume also includes Oracle and research positions at the Artificial Intelligence Center, SRI International.
Daniel holds M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, as well as an M.S. degree in Engineering from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications in Paris. He enjoys opera and symphony concerts and plays tennis frequently - although he is lousy at it.. Danielalso loves to travel - especially to Europe. As Gertrude Stein once said: "America is my country and Paris is my hometown."

VP of Marketing & Business Development, Roseanne Landay

Roseanne possesses nearly two decades of business experience leading strategy, business development, and digital marketing in the travel, financial services, and consulting industries and for Internet and technology start-ups. Roseanne focuses on innovation and change: from identifying revenue and diversification opportunities; to developing and implementing growth strategies; to spear-heading integrated digital marketing programs.
Roseanne has traveled extensively in over 45 countries, lived overseas, and wrote Fodor's The Berkeley Guides: On the Loose in the Pacific Northwest & Alaska 1993, 1st edition. Roseanne currently serves as Board Director for Hostelling International - USA.

Editorial Consultant Amanda Castleman

Amanda formerly launched The Gist Magazine Group, a chain of entertainment and current affairs magazines outside London. She was also a Sub-Editor at The Oxford Times and Mail in the UK. Before that, she ran the 80-person Daily newsroom in Seattle.
Also a distinguished writer, Amanda won a 2007 Lowell Thomas award (travel's ersatz Pulitzer). Her articles have appeared in the International Herald Tribune, MSNBC.com, Wired, Salon, Italy Daily and The Athens News, as well as the UK's BBC, Guardian and Mail on Sunday. Her 26 book credits include Frommer's, Michelin, Time Out, Rough Guides and National Geographic. Amanda teaches through Writers.com, the Richard Hugo House andTravel Writing Class.com.

Travel Writers and Contributers

Naomi Arnold
Michelle Balmer
Sharon Berman
Amanda Castleman
Felix Choo
Nance Cooper
Martin Crossland
David Currier
Cynthia Davis
Sharon DeRham
Dee Van Dyk
Matt Falcus
Dave Fox
Jaswinder Kaur Gill
Rob Goss
Kathy Hamilton
Julie Harrison
Justin Hayward
Sasha Heseltine
Michael Holland
Margaret Hoegg
Jessica Howell
Lucy Izon
Anna Melville-James
Marie Javins
Kevin Kalley
Robert Kedzierski
Grete Semb Kempton
James Kirkikis
Ron Kness
Debi Lander
Liz Lewis
Kimbrough Lil-Lantz
Allan Lynch
Laura Lynch
Betsa Marsh
Joe Mapother
Laurence Mitchell
Eva Munk
Zora O'Neill
Eva Munk
Linda Petrucelli
Jenna Roberts
Michael Ross
Priyanshi Saxena
Shelley Seale
Michael Skorulski
Michelle Smith
Victoria Stockton
Sascha Stokes
Adam Swart
Amy Swart
Leeanne Templer
Kathryn Tomasetti
Lydian Brunsting
Pal Ujvarosi
Mara Vorhees
Jenny Webb
Kara Williams
Robert Wright

Development Partner

 is a leading provider of software engineering services to some of the world's best product companies. Harbinger Systems has focus and specialized skills in several niche areas including Mobile Apps Development, Enterprise Software Development, eLearning Technology, Consumer Internet Applications, Game Development, Software Product Development and Systems Software.

Contribute to TripSketch

The web is awash with information - and misinformation, especially for travelers. TripSketch sifts that clutter, so readers don't have to. That's why we hire professional writers for our reviews, blogs and articles. We are happy to hear from experts who are interested in working with us. Please send a bio, two published clips and cover letter to feedback@tripsketch.com. We welcome all suggestions from users.